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* Our bones and teeth can exist for thousands of years...because of salt.  


* If you have mineral-rich blood, the minerals bond with other minerals naturally and regularly. Bonds are strengthening! This is a science called 'biotransmutation'. The body seeks and needs mineral bonds.

The body knows exactly what to do and only improves with mineral-rich blood. 

You do not want mineral-poor blood! This is a key understanding.

Three Examples of mineral activity in the body:

1. The fluoride found as a trace mineral in natural salt binds with calcium and thus can indeed make teeth stronger!  This version of fluoride is completely different than the chemically produced fluoride in conventional toothpaste.

2.  Iodine versus radioactive iodine.

One kills the thyroid [radioactive iodine].

The other, natural iodine found in all unprocessed sea salts 

is necessary for thyroid health.

If you lack iodine then any radioactive iodine from the environment has a place to land around your thyroid. But if you are iodine-rich,  your thyroid is saturated with natural salt-bound iodine. And therefore, the radioactive iodine has no place to land

and gets excreted out.

That's why natural iodine from sea salt is so important.

Even salty ocean air has iodine available to breathe!

From Google: The thyroid gland needs iodine to produce hormones that regulate the body's energy and metabolism. The thyroid absorbs available iodine from the bloodstream. The thyroid gland cannot distinguish between stable (regular) iodine and radioactive iodine and will absorb whatever it can.

3. The heavy metal aluminum binds with silicon/silica in salt and gets

removed by bowel movements. 

* As most people know, we are electric AND magnetic by nature.

Salt is the supplier, the conductor, and the generator 

for our personal electro-magnetic frequency which creates and sustains our life!


We each have a personal electric currency.

The minerals from salt create the charge; they ''take charge'' and are ''in charge!"

I love thinking about salt this way!


We each need different amounts of

this saline conductor throughout the day to operate!

Our hearts, nerves and brains all work with electric impulses.

These are created by metals like copper, iron, zinc, potassium etc.

Salt is the crystallized form of metals. 



This link, below, highlights some unbelievable salt mines around the world, showing how the minerals in landscapes and seascapes create various types of salts:

Here's a thought: if you have been eating Pink Himalayan or Celtic sea salt for years and years, like I was doing before learning about salt, imagine the clear glass kilo jar on the home page filled with only one kind of salt from one location.

And eating the same salt for years or even decades, creating mineral imbalances,

such as iron overload from Pink Himalayan salt; it's iron that creates the pink color. 

 Certain salts possess more potassium or more magnesium,

some more selenium, more zinc or calcium, copper, etc.

The mineral composition

of each salt depends upon the landscape or seascape where the salt was formed.

I love the irony how these tiny salt crystals are

created from massive natural environments.

With each sprinkle of Master Salt, you receive salt from deep within the Earth.

 Mountain Salt that's millions of years old. Patient. Foundational. This salt is from ancient bodies of water; seas that evaporated leaving

interior mountain walls layered in compressed salt. Pure, dense, solid minerals.


Then there are the Sea Salts from islands and coastal areas of turquoise waters,

hot sun and gentle breezes.

Or from the cold, rough waters of Norway and Iceland.

The sea salts spend their life floating and swaying and dancing in water, until they finally crystallize under heat, sparkling like diamonds. 

They form under sunrises and sunsets, moonlight and starlight,

receiving the imprints of nature.

Wind, sun and weather influence the mineral composition,

especially with the flake sea salts which are formed and harvested each year.


The Spring Salts originate from way down deep, far below surface waters, where inside the water veins are the spring waters, saline springs. These salty springs pour out water filled with minerals that evaporate into salt.


There is Oasis Salt from the silent desert, resting buried in the sand for hundreds or maybe thousands of years until one man found it. 


And there is the extraordinary, rare, unique Volcanic Salt. This salt is born very deep underground, and gets pushed up in a mud volcano, like a geyser,

bursting up from the sea floor. This precious salt was

harvested exclusively for Indonesian royalty in the 1800’s. 

Salt from 40 locations across our planet, each unique,

each resplendent with source energy!

When you incorporate Master Salt into your daily life, the full spectrum of elements begins to rebuild and replenish,

slowly, gently, effortlessly to the core; literally, to the tooth and bone. 

From all I have learned, read and experienced,

salt [with water] is a cure-all and

the secret to the fountain of health!

Master Salt will help everything: from easy elimination to breathing. From every heart beat to ridges in the nails. From blood pH to stronger eyesight and tooth remineralization...Master Salt can improve every bodily function.

I have been told by several customers how allergic reactions can be stopped in

15 minutes after drinking heavily salted water with Master Salt.

Cat allergies, asthma, dust allergies,

all stopped after drinking a big pinch of Master Salt in water!

Salt is a natural anti-histamine. 

Salt is a pH balancer and can establish alkalinity.

Salt is the pre-cursor to hydrochloric acid formation for better digestion.

Salt creates the mineral matrix in tooth and bone. 

The Master Salt Solution

 is the quickest, easiest and simplest 'medicine' available.

The literal solution to many physiological problems is


Aim for mineral-rich blood. Not mineral-poor.

Electrolytes are salt! 

The alloys become the allies.

Listen to your body about your personal and individual salt requirements,

which vary day to day.

Re-salt yourself!


If you're a person who drinks primarily distilled water, then it becomes critical to add some salt to your water to

remineralize it, otherwise the distilled water will leach minerals from your body.

Unlike Master Salt, uniform, white, ordinary table salt is nothing more than 2 elements: sodium and chloride with almost all the other major and trace minerals stripped and sold to industry.


This common, processed, refined, table salt is then bleached white, often mixed with dextrose [a sugar] and has  anti-caking agents added so it can pour easily.

Refined salt can include anti-caking agents

(potassium or sodium ferrocyanide),

free-flowing agents

(magnesium carbonate, calcium silicate, sodium silico-aluminate and

tricalcium phosphate),

and iodizing agents: potassium iodide or iodate with dextrose, aka sugar,

to stabilize the iodide.


Did you know that the individual mineral supplements sold in stores

[magnesium, calcium, selenium etc.]

are often the stripped trace minerals from refining salt?

Standard table salt, stripped of all the trace elements,

is actually poisonous to the body

without the buffering effects of the trace minerals!


Esoteric meanderings:  We are walking, moving, flexible pillars of salt. We all have an inner ocean running through our veins. Humanity evolved with salt.  We sweat salt, cry salt, create salty layers in our nose to trap bacteria. We are created in a salty womb and after we die, we are left as salty ashes or bones made of salt minerals.


We are electro-magnetic organisms that require the stimulus of the metals in salt to make our own, individual currency,  frequency,  vibe/vibration have cohesion, ease and connection to all our operating systems. 

 Salt is crystalline in structure and the only rock on the planet

that is edible for humans. 


An innocent pinch of Master Salt and 'you got the whole world in your hands'.

We literally hold the Earth between our fingers and the earth is holding us, keeping us alive with planetary minerals.

Throughout the ages, people have used salt as protection to

ward off negative spirits.


People use salt as a preservative to prevent food decay. 


 People have tried 'turning lead to gold' using salt as the basis.

Hypothesis: could the mineral-rich blood created from Master Salt be protective against environmental pollutants?

Conversely, if you are mineral-poor, then aluminum from the environment becomes a predominant metal in the blood, and it binds with itself, forming toxic aluminum bonds in the brain and elsewhere

Aim for mineral-rich blood so a variety of elemental bonds can form as nature intends.

And another thought: if salt preserves meat from rotting, does it also preserve our internal organs from decay?







We emerged out of the sea and we kept the ocean inside of us.

The mineral ratio of salt in the ocean is the same ratio as the minerals in our blood. 













When we breathe fresh ocean air laden with salt molecules,

we feel re-vitalize, cleansed and alert. 

Historically, people traveled far and wide to obtain salt and paid with gold.  

Salt is the basis of ancient alchemy and the basis of ormus alchemy. 

Salt also creates internal daily alchemy
through out all our cells. 
The heart, lungs, blood, kidneys, bladder. 
The nervous system, circulation and immune system.

Salt serves all our systems
including conception and amniotic fluid quality. 

The growing fetus benefits from the surcharge of electrolytes, creating their chi energy that will last their whole life!

As with anything, the dose makes the poison and too much salt without adequate water will cause lethargy, weakness, seizures and coma. 

Salt water will clean and disinfect a wound.

 A heavily-salted sea creates levity where objects float effortlessly.

We say someone is "worth his salt" and "worth his weight in salt"

and we describe a person or people as

being "the salt of the earth."

Salt is so significant for humans, we even have salt receptors on our tongues. The salty taste is necessary to stimulate saliva production and the salt itself is the precursor for enzyme production; the more enzymes we produce the more easily our food is digested and absorbed. 

Salt has no fragrance. Salt vanishes in water.

Evaporate the water and the salt re-appears.

Salt is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral. 

Traditionally, we preserve or cure our food with salt.

In fact, salt is the only reason that fermented foods

stay edible without refrigeration.

Salt is one of the most intriguing substances on Earth!

oyster pearl sea meme main_edited.jpg

Mountain salt chunks

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