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In order to get fully hydrated from a glass of water, it is essential to add a tiny bit of salt so the cells can absorb the water.

Unrefined salt regulates water absorption by the cells.

Read more about this here.


The link below is a really informative article I recently found about the biotransmutation of minerals,

including the importance of the mineral cobalt and health,

especially tooth health: 

[Cobalt is naturally present in the Blue Iranian Salt in Master Salt]

Here's a quote from page 8 of the Pdf: 

 Kervran shows that starting with Sodium Chloride and water, by transmutations indicated in Table 1 the organism can manufacture all of the essential elements it needs for There are certain elements that it cannot produce, such as Iodine, Chromium and Cobalt, but one thing is certain - in the presence of a saltless diet (Sodium Chloride) the organism cannot continue to grow and live .


  quick, easy and effective home 'medicine' : 



(Pronounced solay or soleil. There is much more info about this simple health tonic online under "sole salt recipes")

Take a clean glass jar and

add enough Master Salt to create a THICK layer on the bottom of the jar.

Fill the jar with a good quality water.

Now wait 24 hours and check the water.

If there is still Master Salt resting at the bottom of the jar, then the absorption level is complete and the water cannot absorb any more minerals. Saturation point.



If the Master Salt completely dissolved from the bottom of the jar, add more Master Salt.

The goal is to always have a little salt resting in the bottom of the jar.

You can take a small spoonful of this SOLE´ mixed in water, juice or a smoothie.

See how you feel after drinking this daily or a couple times a day.

SOLE´ has been called a cure-all for many body ailments. 

To maintain your SOLE´, keep adding a bit of Master Salt to the layer in the bottom of the jar.

And top off the water.

Ocean potion! 


When tired from stress or sports, you can make your own electrolyte drink

to deeply hydrate all your cells:

1. Glass of clean water

2. Fresh squeezed lemon juice or any citrus fruit 

3. Organic honey to taste

4. Pinch of Master Salt

To build quick immunity if feeling run down, make a lemon shot:

1. Cut a lemon in half

2. Squeeze out all the juice into a bowl and keep the lemon rinds

3. Add Master Salt, honey, cayenne powder, fresh minced garlic. Mix together.

4. Pour this back into the lemon rind [or a shot glass] and drink it down.

To remedy a sore throat: eat fresh-cut pineapple with a pinch of Master Salt sprinkled on top. The salt enhances the sweetness of the pineapple, is anti-bacterial and the bromelain in the pineapple is anti-inflammatory.

Make your own tooth powder free from chemicals and additives: mix Master Salt, some food-grade clay and an opened activated charcoal capsule into a glass jar. Add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice [peppermint, cinnamon, wintergreen, anise, fennel, tea tree, etc.] and mix together to create a personalized toothpowder that fortifies your teeth and gums. The salt is anti-bacterial and will help remineralize your teeth along with the clay. The charcoal is whitening and also anti-bacterial.

The essential oils are freshening and anti-bacterial.

You can add coconut oil into this mix if you want to create a tooth paste

rather than tooth powder.

Master Salt is a quick cure for an allergic reaction: a large glass of water and a generous pinch of Master Salt will calm the allergic inflammation raging in the body.

If you are pregnant, Master Salt will help you create a mineral-rich amniotic fluid that nourishes your baby. And the baby will benefit from the wide array of

minerals to build cells and bones.

Consider buying any of your favorite snack items unsalted.

Add Master Salt to peanuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, potato chips, peanut butter, etc. to get the benefit of full spectrum minerals with every bite.

Carry some Master Salt with you to use in restaurants, on airplanes, at school, etc.

The many becomes the One and the One becomes whole and complete.

The taste of Master Salt fulfills the craving for salt in a deeply nourishing way.

 My sister grinds her Master Salt in a blender to achieve grain uniformity, as the grain sizes in Master Salt obviously vary. We joke how some people want the same grain size or they wont eat it.  For my sister, this is a thing.

So she found her solution and I'm passing it on here.... pulse in a blender for a few seconds. Done. 


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