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  Lisa Bancroft

   Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  KvK number: 66820723

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Welcome to this website.


 I'm an American woman living in Amsterdam.

Years ago, I created Master Salt for my own family's nourishment. 

These days, I love knowing the good Master Salt is doing for

so many people around the world. Minerals are the KEY!

I have developed such a deep respect for salt and the miracles it can do!

Re-thinking salt and its role in biological and energetic life is endlessly intriguing.

And seeking out premium salts

  and providing excellent service to the customers are my joys in life! 

For the love of food, health, high vibrations and source energy alignment!


* Packaged in Miron Glass. 

* Very secure wrapping & box.

* The fastest, free worldwide shipping from Europe.

* The easiest, safest payment method.

* A small glass travel vial included with each order.

* A year's worth of minerals in one jar.



   Since people often ask:

No promo codes. No affiliate programs.

In a nutshell, all customers and website visitors are left alone.

 There are no cookies on this site.

 No tracking, no collection and no selling of data

No promotional emails nor updates. 

No published testimonials.

I realize this goes against current business edict, but I think people actually appreciate being left alone in this highly surveilled world.

My entire focus is to keep this business very pure and authentic.

To simply provide the very best salt on earth to people who 

love Master Salt for whatever reason ~ taste, health, healing, resonance,

geology, geography, mineralogy.

I’m not on social media except for a semi-neglected, quirky IG account. @mastersaltoriginal

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