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 Re-salt yourself with Master Salt

Full-spectrum minerals

Re-mineralize yourself the easy way with Master Salt. With 84+ minerals, every sprinkle of Master Salt provides all the mineral elements a body needs to maintain optimal health. 

Master Salt nourishes us deeply, down to the bones and teeth!

Master Salt feeds the blood, enriching it, making it mineral-rich, not mineral-poor.

Use Master Salt alone or add it to your regular household salt to create a more nourishing, improved salt for yourself and your family.


A person cannot live without  air, water, sunlight....or salt.

Master Salt is a blend of 24 salts from across the world. Click on any region below to read about the unique salt harvested from that area:

 Mountain Salt          Lake Salt           Sea Salt         Desert Salt         Spring Salt          River Salt

Master Salt contains no Japanese, Hawaiian nor North American Coastal salts due to Fukushima.

Master Salt contains no Himalayan pink salt due to reportedly terrible working conditions and particulate

contamination from dynamite blasting into the salt  mines.

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