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Master Salt is my original 40 salt blend.

There is no equal! 

I source only the best of the best! 

A massive array of minerals from 40 salts mixed together.

Landscapes and seascapes, oceans, deserts, mountains,

mines, lagoons, flats, pans, springs, lakes and farms in one jar!!

Master Salt generates an
 an extraordinary electrolyte charge.

Master Salt makes food taste absolutely delicious.

Master Salt is a mineral powerhouse.

Master Salt is a one-of-a-kind product for health freaks, food lovers, salt lovers, athletes, pregnant women, growing children and any person who seeks the best salt for biological health, upgrade of resonant frequency, superior taste 

and enjoyment of food!

Ingesting Master Salt is one of the easiest and simplest ways to amplify your health.

Djbouti Lake Salt.jpeg



Master Salt is a sparkling white

magnificent salt with random grains of

grey, pink, orange, blue,

yellow, brown or black

due to various trace minerals

from the Mountain and Spring Salts. 

Funnily people ask, "does it taste like salt?" 

Master Salt deeply satisfies

 that salty taste that we humans seek.

Master Salt creates what I call salt contentment!

Food is enjoyed so deeply!

The whole body responds.

In my view, this response creates the deeper nourishment.

A primal nourishment!

All the minerals we need for health are present.

 Ready to be used. Absorbed. Digested.

The body loves this!

We are made of minerals and conduct our

electro-magnetic pulsations

from mineral electrolytes. Electrolytes are salt!

And Master Salt re-sets the electrical charge.

Pristine, tiny, sparkling, crystallized, naturally-charged minerals.

 Salt and water is our basis. It is primary!

All teeth, all bone, all blood volume

are dependent upon minerals.

Every heart beat and nerve impulse too.

Our first home is in the salty waters of the womb.

Amniotic fluid is salty.

Our bodies crave salt and water on a daily

or even an hourly basis.

 The internal fluids, the lymph, the blood,

the digestive juices

all get re-salted, re-mineralized.

The body finds new mineral ratios.

Sprinkle by sprinkle.

Health can be easy!


To gain the immediate benefits of Master Salt, add a small

[even negligible] pinch to your morning drink of water.

Water cannot be adequately absorbed by the cells

without a tiny bit of salt minerals.

 Flush your inner ocean. Replenish!

Get blood pH back to neutral where it wants to be.

Salt can alkalize blood AND helps create hydrochloric acid!

All body systems respond and rely upon salt.

The more one learns about salt,

the more incredible it becomes!

Saturate yourself, hydrate yourself.

It's truly fun to revive our cells/self with

the most basic, necessary and compatible fluid for life:

salt and water!

Regarding salt quality, as with everything in life, 

there is poor quality, good quality, better quality

and best.

Master Salt is BEST X 40  !!

Read more how salt influences almost

every function in the body.    


Master Salt contains neither North American Coastal,

Japanese nor Hawaiian salts due to Fukushima.

Master Salt contains no Pink Himalayan salt due to reportedly terrible working conditions and particulate contamination from dynamite blasting into the salt mines.



Q U I C K   F A Q S:

Q. Is shipping free?

Yes, all shipping is free, world-wide via UPS.


Q. Master Salt is sold in Euro.

How does it work with Paypal and other

currencies besides the Euro?

PayPal automatically converts your

currency and payment into Euro.

It's seamless and effortless.

 Q. Do you use plastic packaging?


Master Salt is shipped in Miron Violet Glass jars.

The best storage glass available. 

 Q. What does Master Salt taste like?

 Master Salt tastes like premium salt! It has a deeply satisfying salty taste.  It's a superior salt and enhances all food

that you routinely salt.

My customers tell me of all the

unique qualities of Master Salt,

they love the taste most of all.

Q. How long will a kilo of Master Salt last?

On average, a kilo of Master Salt will last around a year

for a family of 3 - 4 people.

Q. People say salt is bad, is this true?

Processed, refined, common table salt that has the trace minerals stripped away

is actually a poison for the body!

It's the trace minerals that buffer the

negative effects of sodium chloride.

 Master Salt has ALL trace minerals intact.

All 40 salts are unrefined just as nature intended!



Below are 2 jars showing all the 40 salts in Master Salt. 

[20 salts per jar]

Each salt has its own mineral ratio, which create a variety

of sparkles, sizes, colours and grain textures.

Zoom in to see the differences.

When you buy a jar of Master Salt, you get all 40 salts in one premium blend!

Just a reminder: all orders are shipped in wide-mouth, deep violet, beautiful Miron Glass, the best storage glass in the world!  

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