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Featured salt in photo:

1. Left -  orange Utah mountain salt

2. Blue Persian mountain salt from Iran

3. Clear halite mountain salt from Pakistan

4. Two pieces of orange Alpine mountain salt from Austria

5. Pile of Master Salt

All four of these salts are ground into Master Salt along with 20 others from all over the world.

Master salt is a blend of: 

sea salt, mountain salt, lake salt, desert salt, spring salt and river salt.


The the key to understanding salt is to understand yourself and your own needs and requirements for your own personal salt/water, salt/food balance in your life. That's why it's called Master Salt, so you can become your own master about what your own salt needs are which vary day to day. The salt/water ratio in the cells is not a static thing. Society tells us to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but the reality is someday we need more water and some days less. Same with salt. Some days we need more, sometimes, less. Get to know yourself and pay attention to your thirst signals. If you're a person who drinks primarily distilled water, then it becomes essential to add some salt to your water to remineralize it.

Humanity evolved with salt. Without it we die. Salt is so significant for humans, we even have salt receptors on our tongues. The salty taste is necessary to stimulate  saliva production and the salt itself is the precursor for enzyme production, and the more enzymes we produce the easier our food is digested and absorbed. 

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