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A massive array of minerals
from 40 salt mines, lagoons, flats, pans,

springs and farms 
in one blend.

Master Salt generates an

 an extraordinary electrolyte charge.


Ingesting Master Salt
is one of the easiest and simplest ways 
to amplify health.




Master Salt is a sparkling white magnificent salt with some

 grains of grey, pink, orange, blue, yellow, brown or black due to different minerals present. 

Funnily people ask, what does it taste like?

Master salt tastes like salt, a very, very good salt to be sprinkled on all food like any other household salt.

Pregnant women benefit from the array of minerals in Master Salt,

  creating excellent amniotic fluid in the baby's first home. 

"About 98% of the amniotic fluid is water, and the remaining 2% is salt and cells from the baby".


To gain the immediate benefits of Master Salt, add a tiny [negligible] pinch to your morning drink of water.

Water cannot be adequately absorbed by the cells

without a tiny bit of salt minerals.

 Flush your inner ocean and replenish your minerals.

Saturate yourself, hydrate yourself. It's so easy!


Read more how salt influences almost every function in the body.    


Master Salt contains neither North American Coastal,

Japanese nor Hawaiian salts due to Fukushima.

Master Salt contains no Pink Himalayan salt due to reportedly terrible working conditions and particulate contamination from dynamite blasting into the salt mines.


Q U I C K   F A Q S:

Q. Is shipping free?

Yes, all shipping is free, world-wide via UPS.

 Q. How do you ship it?

 Master Salt is shipped in Miron Violet Glass  jars. The best storage glass available. 

 Q. What does Master Salt taste like?

 Master Salt tastes like premium salt! It has a deeply satisfying salty taste.  

It's a superior salt and enhances all food that you routinely salt.

My customers tell me of all the unique qualities of Master Salt,

they love the taste most of all.

Q. How long will a kilo of Master Salt last?

On average, a kilo of Master Salt will last around a year

for a family of 3 - 4 people.

To extend its use, you can combine Master Salt with your household salt

and still receive the mineral benefits.

Q. I heard salt is bad for you, is this true?

Processed, refined, common table salt that has the trace minerals stripped away

is actually a poison for the body!

It's the trace minerals that buffer the

negative effects of sodium chloride.

 Master Salt has ALL trace minerals intact.

All 40 salts are unrefined just as nature intended!



Master Salt is the most mineral-rich salt on Earth.

Master Salt has no competitor in the marketplace.

There is no equal!

Master Salt is a Super Salt.


Read about the 40 individual salts here

Below are 2 jars showing

all the 40 salts in Master Salt. 

[20 salts per jar]

Each salt has its own mineral

ratio, which create a variety of sparkles,

sizes, colours and grain textures.

Zoom in to see the differences.

When you buy a jar of Master Salt, you get all 40 salts in one premium blend!


All orders are shipped in wide-mouth, deep violet, beautiful Miron Glass, the best storage glass in the world!  



Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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