1. Left - pink Utah mountain salt

2. Blue Persian mountain salt from Iran

3. Clear halite mountain salt from Pakistan

4. Right - orange/black Alpine mountain salt from Austria

5. Pile of Master Salt

The new packaging is here! To the right is the new label for the Miron Glass jars. All orders are now shipped in wide-mouth, deep violet, beautiful Miron Glass, the best glass in the world! 

Master Salt is a blend of artisanal salts from a variety of environments:

sea saltriver salt - spring salt - desert salt - mountain salt - lake salt - oasis salt

Master Salt is the most mineral-rich salt on Earth.

If you're a person who seeks the best of everything, then this is your salt.

Read about the 40 individual salts here

These are the 16 new salts recently added to Master Salt:

Ukraine Crimea lake salt

Spanish spring salt from Andalusia

Norwegian sea salt

A second Icelandic salt

Namibian sea salt

Portuguese spring water salt

German ancient mountain salt

3 Canary Island sea salts from La Palma, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote

Irish sea salt

A second New Zealand sea salt

Egyptian oasis salt. A very rare salt from an oasis!

Madagascar sea salt 

Bora Bora Island sea salt from Tahiti 

Galapagos Island sea salt



The quality of the salt you eat depends upon the location where the salt is harvested and what minerals are present in that environment. If you only consume one type of salt, you are only getting the minerals present from that one environment. Master Salt has 40 salts from a wide variety of locations, ensuring an incredibly broad mineral spectrum that is immediately bio-available.


Master Salt is a blend of sea salt, mountain salt, desert salt, lake salt, spring salt, oasis salt and river salt. Master Salt is a powerhouse of 84+ major and trace minerals. There is no other salt with this level of minerals. A tiny pinch and you are imbuing your body with all known minerals.

The 40 salts are unrefined, unprocessed, unbleached, wild, natural salts that are hand-harvested and all the sea salts are sun-dried.


Master Salt has a richer, deeper taste than ordinary, common salt and therefore you will end up using less salt on your food. But it still tastes like salt of course, only a very, very good salt. It is a table salt, meaning it can be used on all food like any other salt.


Some salt grains in Master Salt are grey, pink, orange, blue, yellow, brown or black due to different mineral compositions.


The grain sizes and textures also vary. For instance, the sea salt flakes [fleur de sel] have a fine, delicate structure, formed and harvested after only one year. Fleur de sel is young salt. 


Master Salt also contains very old salt that formed when the Earth was absolutely pristine. This salt is mined from mountain and desert regions where ancient oceans once existed. The mountain and desert salts are hundreds of millions of years old.


Re-salt yourself with the full spectrum of minerals that the body requires everyday. Salt is basic to our human existence. 


To gain the immediate benefits of Master Salt, add a tiny [negligible] pinch to your morning drink of water. Water cannot be adequately absorbed by the cells without a tiny bit of salt. Everyone can start their day with fresh water and salt, flushing the inner ocean, replenishing minerals. It's cleansing and nourishing. Saturate yourself, hydrate yourself. It's so easy!


Read more how salt influences almost every function in the body.    


FYI: All the salts in Master Salt are stored in glass jars [no plastic] once received from abroad. . 

 Master Salt contains neither North American Coastal, Japanese nor Hawaiian salts due to Fukushima.

Master Salt contains no Pink Himalayan salt due to reportedly terrible working conditions and particulate contamination from dynamite blasting into the salt mines.





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